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Creating Professional Figures: How to use Colour Effectively

Creating professional figures: How to use colour effectively Since most journals are now publishing online, the use of colour in scientific figures is almost ubiquitous. This is for a good reason – aside from making an article more attractive and appealing to read,...

Volcano Plot: Everything you need to know

What is a volcano plot? A  volcano plot is a type of scatter-plot that can be used to quickly identify meaningful changes from within a very large data set. Volcano plots do this by plotting a measure of the statistical significance of a change (e.g., p-value) on the...

Academic Writing Tips: Five of the Best

Improve your academic writing in an afternoon Good academic writing is key to success in higher education. Here we list our favorite academic writing tips. Follow these and you will be able to improve your writing style in an afternoon. #1. Be concise Everyone is in a...